1. suddenlypants said: Have you ever come across any good Scratch fics? He seems like he'd be such a hard character to pin. ><

    Can’t say I have, sorry! Yeah, he’s a hard dude to write, and not a well liked character, possibly the only villain I, personally, can have zero warm feelings towards. 

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  2. author/artist reveals


    And that concludes our first-ever Ladystuck exchange! Artists and authors have now been revealed, so it is safe to repost, reblob, or otherwise shamelessly promote your work. We hope you enjoyed participating in this challenge as much as we did, and if all goes well we’ll see you again next year (or possibly even sooner? Hmm….)

    The treats collection will be left open in perpetuity, just in case anyone wanted to make some more!

    And one final thing: please remember to thank your gift-maker, if you have not already done so. You don’t have to like it. You don’t have to praise it. But if nothing else, it’s only proper for you to acknowledge the effort that went into your gift, and we would appreciate if you did so.

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  3. Veilstuck


    The name ‘Veilstuck’, which you may have seen popping up on Tumblr of late, does not refer to a proper, coherent AU, like Hemostuck, Promstuck, or Bustlestuck. It’s simply a convenient shorthand term for the alternate continuity which begins with BL4CK HOL3, green 2un, by Tumblr users urbananchorite and wecansexy, is developed in The Last Hearing of Gamzee Makara, by the same talented individuals, and continues into Scarlet and Bible Black, by me.

    Veilstuck is essentially a fic laboratory in which Shelby, Taz, and I, nattily clad in labcoats and safety goggles, can experiment to our hearts’ content with character interactions and story ideas that the current direction of Homestuck canon doesn’t permit. The most important factor is that Jade and John, instead of hurtling through Hussiespace on Battleship Prospit, are on the meteor along with everyone else. There are also a few other differences which will become clear when you read the fics!

    There is no ‘plan’ for Veilstuck. We may write one more fic for it. We may write ten. We may all simply continue to speculate on vital issues like what a bunch of teenagers living in a derelict space station eat, what they wear, and who does their haircuts. It does not have a story arc. It’s a (gloomy, sinister, bloodstained) playground. It’s the fic equivalent of Creatures 3, with the kids and trolls as our adorable Norns and Ettins being pursued through space by a mean teleporting Grendel called Jack. We make no promises. 

    If you want to read the whole of the Veilstuck continuity so far, in order, you will need the following elegant and finely-crafted links:

    - BL4CK HOL3, green 2un (rated T; TW for blood, death)

    - The Last Hearing of Gamzee Makara (rated M; TW for blood, death, graphic violence)

    - ex machina (rated T; TW for blood)

    - Scarlet and Bible Black (rated M; TW for blood, death, graphic violence, body horror) 

    There is also a coda to S&BB, written by Taz, which hasn’t been published yet but will appear at some point because it’s amazing; and an entirely new fic by moi, Double or Nothing,which should turn up within the next couple of days.

    Below the cut I’ve attempted to answer a few more specific questions which I’ve seen floating around.

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    The post in which paraTactician makes my job much easier. Now I can just wave at this and say “go read!!!” in urgent tones.

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  4. Ladystuck recs, pt 1.


    Okay, I opened a Kanaya & Vriska fic, and I stared at it, and I realized my eyes were actually overflowing with words, and that I might have had some kind of neurological event with Ladystuck where I’m not sure I can take in any more of it; it’s really almost unbelievable how much of what I’ve read that I love. Not just like: love. Want to rub all over my face. Would marry in Nevada. There are twenty-two pieces of art and fic and arty fic under here, and I haven’t even really started looking in earnest yet.

    So! Let’s do recs. Sorted roughly categorically. The filter-out tag for this is still “while we tell of yuletide treasure,” fight me.

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    While I recover from the dead faint Ladystuck sent me into, here are some recs from nextian to get you started.

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    The Homestuck Ladyfest collection is now open! 

    Hopefully you’ve gotten an email telling you about your gift, but if not you can find it by (from the AO3) clicking ‘my home’ and hitting ‘Gifts’ at the bottom of the sidebar on the left. 

    Everyone should have something for them in the collection, but if we’ve overlooked something and:

    • you don’t have a “Homestuck Ladyfest Exchange 2011” gift
    • your gift does not contain 1000 words of fic or at least one 400x650 image
    • your gift is otherwise inappropriate (contradicts your request)

    please email us (ladystuck at gmail) immediately with your AO3 pseud and we will get that sorted out right quick!

    On a happier note, we’ve got some 120 pieces of fic and art up for you to look through, and we hope you’re as excited about the grand unveiling as we are :) We’d like to give our thanks to everyone who made this possible—all of you participants, of course, but especially our amazing pinch-hitters: AO3 users anxiousAnarchist, artillie, daeseage, ehmazing, fortheloveofpizza, nextian, orta, overthetiber, Phrenotobe, PlayerProphet, schellibie, signalbeam, Sorcyress, strangequark, veryFresh, vulturer, and zoamh! (Extra special thanks to those of you who took multiple pinch-hits, and to the incredibly heroic individual—you know who you are—who pulled off a three-hour miracle the night of the 1st and basically saved our skins.) They all did incredible work in a matter of days and we really, really could not have run Ladystuck without them. 

    Lastly, the Ladystuck treats collection is still open, and will remain so for another day, in case you aren’t totally sated yet. :) 

    There are over 140 new lady-centric fanfics in this collection, with another batch to come when the treats collection closes tomorrow.

    Over 140. 

    Obviously I can’t give you any recommendations, except that I recommend you go check this shit out now. 

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  6. Ouroborus Mix Roundup

    Now that the dust has settled on the Lightning Round of the Ouroborus Mix, and before we’re all swamped with the deluge of wonderful Ladystuck entries that are shortly to be revealed, let’s take a look at what this round brought us: 

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  7. ex machina (last hearing coda)


    So, paraTactician wrote us a dave/terezi coda to Last Hearing, and it was so beautiful I had to do an illustration for it and post it here! Enjoy!


    The alien visitors from another world arrive with appropriate ceremony. Two of them are riding a battleship. The other two are just floating, and somehow that seems even more impressive, but maybe it’s Terezi’s blood-clogged and battered nostrils talking. Everything’s gone faint and hazy round the edges, and orange and crimson stand out against the station’s dismal grey – she never thought she’d be sick of any colour, but God is she ever sick of this one – better than black and blue. (It’s a nice blue, though. Hopeful.)

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    A short, sweet, really lovely epilogue to ” The Last Hearing of Gamzee Makara.” Manages to repair some of the huge aching wounds in my heart from the original, and highly recommended. 

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  8. A warning,




    do not venture into the stridercest (and apparently other big ships) tag(s) this evening. Someone has decided to be xxhardcorexx and post some rather graphic images. I myself haven’t ventured far enough back to see it (nor do I plan to), but since there are 500 people here, not only do I feel it’s a good idea to warn you in case you haven’t seen it, but ask that you pass it along so no one else decides to move that far back.

    Thank you.

    There’s some very disturbing gore in the Johnkat and homestuck tags as well. 

    Please be careful if you regularly visit any homestuck-related tags.

    The current users posting the gore right now are “i-love-homestuck” “kitty-ratsssofyou and “lickadogtit”

    Go ahead and block them now before they change their name.

    stridercestishot” is doing this as well

    Just in case you all haven’t heard yet, tread REALLY lightly in the Homestuck tags right now. 

    (Technically not in this blog’s purview, but if I can save someone from having to look at shock images, I’m okay with that)

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